Secure Storage Facility in Winnipeg

At Bulldog Self Storage, keeping your stored items safe and secure is our top priority. We have taken care of every detail from the entry gate to lighting to help ensure the safety and security of your belongings. Do you need help determining the right amount of storage for you?

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Secure Self Storage winnipeg

Secure Fencing

Our entire site is surrounded by an 8’ commercial grade chain link fence, complete with barbed wire.

Entry Gate with Private Key Code Pads

Private key code pads allow you to enter and exit during access hours. It also allows us to monitor who is coming and who is going and at what time of day. This will all be recorded by an onsite computer which then generates reports that are reviewed by our staff daily.

Video Cameras

Our site is monitored by 18 motion sensitive night vision cameras. In the event of any onsite disruptions, the police and our site manager are immediately notified. These cameras are monitoring and recording the entire site around the clock.

Individually Alarmed Units

Each storage is individually armed by a PIN. Your pin disables only the alarm to your unit. When you leave our site, you enter your PIN to re-arm your unit. Any attempt at tampering will result with the alarm being activated. The police and our site manager are contacted in the event of tampering or attempted break-in.

A Location that is Convenient & Secure

We chose our location not only for the convenience but for security as well. We are located on a frequented roadway where there is constant activity around the clock. Therefore, we selected our location for both security and convenience.

Well Lit to Ensure Your Personal Safety

An easy way to deter theft and to ensure your personal safety is lighting. Our storage facility and surrounding parking has compound lighting to help provide you peace of mind.